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The Importance of Impartiality

June 29, 2024

In the rapidly evolving field of digital forensics and eDiscovery, the integrity of investigations and the credibility of findings rely heavily on a professional's impartiality. Impartiality is not just a professional necessity but a cornerstone of ethical practice.

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Computer Forensics FAT32 USB

May 29, 2024

Computer forensics involves applying investigative techniques to gather and analyze data from digital devices. A typical digital forensics scenario is the examination of a USB thumb drive. Let's assume it is formatted with the FAT32 file system for this example. 

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Testing Forensic Software

March 17, 2024

How many of you actually test the forensic software tools you use daily? I would guess not many. An excellent question for attorneys to ask you is. How do you know the software you are using produces true and accurate results for your particular type of investigation?

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ASDFED stands as the beacon of impartiality,

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Whether for the prosecution or the defense,

ASDFED members are bound by a shared oath -

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It's not about choosing sides;

it's about revealing the unvarnished truth, regardless of where it leads.

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