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Computer Crimes Reporting

Report cybercrime, including computer intrusions or attacks, fraud, intellectual property theft, identity theft, theft of trade secrets, criminal hacking, terrorist activity, espionage, sabotage, or other foreign intelligence activity to FBI Field Office Cyber Task Forces.

FBI Field Office Cyber Task Forces

Report individual instances of cybercrime to the IC3, which accepts Internet crime complaints from both victim and third parties.

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

Report cyber intrusions and major cybercrimes that require assessment for action, investigation, and engagement with local field offices of federal law enforcement agencies or the Federal Government.

NCIJTF CyWatch 24/7 Command Center or call - (855) 292-3937

Report cybercrime, including computer intrusions or attacks, transmission of malicious code, password trafficking, or theft of payment card or other financial payment information.

Secret Service Field Offices and Electronic Crimes Task Forces (ECTFs)

Report cyber-enabled crime, including: digital theft of intellectual property; illicit e-commerce (including hidden marketplaces); Internet-facilitated proliferation of arms and strategic technology; child pornography; and cyber-enabled smuggling and money laundering. If there is an immediate

HSI Tip Line

HSI Field Offices

HSI Cyber Crimes Center

Report suspected or confirmed cyber incidents, including when the affected entity may be interested in government assistance in removing the adversary, restoring operations, and recommending ways to further improve security.

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team


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